Ulysses, R, markdown

How-to use Ulysses, Rstudio together (updated)

  1. Use Zotero for inserting references in Ulysses manuscript
  2. Add YAML, indicate as code-block YAML in Ulysses.
title: "Title of paper"
author: "Tormod Bøe"
date: "19 april 2016"
output: html_document
csl: apa.csl # must be located in same folder as paper
css: APAStyle.css  # must be located in same folder as paper
bibliography: "references".bib # must be located in same folder as paper
  1. Export as “Text” -> “Markdown” to Rstudio.
  2. Remove and from beginning and end of YAML.
  3. Knit

It is not possible to go back from .Rmd to Ulysses gracefully. Better to write additional stuff in Ulysses, then copy this back into the r file (making sure that any extra references used are included in the bibtext file)

Tables can be insterted in Ulysses using plain markdown, figures must can be inserted in-text.

Tormod Bøe
Professor of Community Psychology

My research interests are societal psychology, and social inequalities in mental health in children and adolescents.