Ulysses, R, markdown

How-to use Ulysses, Rstudio together (updated) Use Zotero for inserting references in Ulysses manuscript Add YAML, indicate as code-block YAML in Ulysses. --- title: "Title of paper" author: "Tormod Bøe" date: "19 april 2016" output: html_document csl: apa.csl # must be located in same folder as paper css: APAStyle.css # must be located in same folder as paper bibliography: "references".bib # must be located in same folder as paper --- Export as “Text” -> “Markdown” to Rstudio.

Papers using rmarkdown

Introduction Children who grow up in families with poor economy are at increased risk for negative promotionansvarlig developmental outcomes. The three main theoretical frameworks that have been proposed to explain these associations are the family process perspective (underscoring how poor economy influences parental mental health, intrafamily conflict, poor parenting and children’s mental health), the family investment perspective (focusing on the constraints poor economy make on opportunities for making potentially stimulating investments into the famkily which may benefit childrens (especially) cognitive development), and the cumulative stress perspective, suggesting that chidlren in poorer families are exposed to more chaos, unpredictability and instability compare dto their affluent peers, which intereferes with their developmental processes through adverse influencsed on the stress—responsivity system of children [@Evans:2013jl].