Building a blogdown publication list from bibtex file (updated)

The best way to do this now is to follow the guide on the following page. I tried to build markdown files to use for publication section of my blog programmatically using r. I came close, but not all the way there. The following code takes a bibtex file, reads it into r, formats the output and splits each citation out to a separate markdown file. Unfortunately, there were som spaces and formatting errors that I was not able to get rid of, so I had to go through some manual cleaning up afterwards.

Testing academic framework

Just testing whether the switch to Academic allows me to post.

css, bibtex, blogdown

Auxillary files can be placed in the content folder, i.e. aux and linked to in yaml header: csl: aux/apa.csl css: aux/APAStyle.css keep_md: yes bibliography: aux/lifeevents.bib rmarkdown will then use this to produce html file in public/post folder. At least bibtex file, not so sure about css though…